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  • Disruption isn't progress.
  • Reinvention isn't enough.
  • Ambiguity is no excuse.
  • The MVP is dead.

The evolution of technology is often mistaken for progress.

Today, although machines have started to learn at the same rate as people, few of us have solved the riddle of how those learnings can best help people.

That's because few of us have what those solutions would take.

Millions of failed startups will tell you that changing the world doesn't happen from a garage. And though "REINVENTION" is now sold as the answer to disruption, inventing can only get you so far.

Turning ideas into impact means wrestling with inconveniences and complexities that not all of us are equiped to overcome. It takes expertise and scale - the kind that few companies have lived long enough to achieve - to make innovation matter.

But standing the test of time must also mean being able to change with the times.

Technology isn't progress, but it can help us create progress - with equal parts ambition and tenacity. Making real change achievable for those with the power to push the world forward is an incredibly hard job.

That's why we do it.

Alloy is a partnership of enterprise entrepreneurs and innovation veterans, specializing in a synthesized approach to business model innovation—bringing together technology, data strategy, and business design.

We call it the Minimum Viable Business.
With our MVB approach, we’ve helped our clients build, test, and launch new business models that solve the existential crisis of every enterprise today: turning the capabilities of their past into the competitive edge of their future.

But any successful company knows that the heart of their competitive advantage is the value of their people. It’s our foremost purpose and our greatest pride to build technology that helps people come together, work together and do great things together.

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  • complex?
  • volatile?
  • ambiguous?
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